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Minoxidil Hair

Minoxidil - a special crystalline solid which is readily soluble in water to a concentration of approximately 2 mg / ml. On its positive properties to stimulate growth shag learned recently. Minoxidil hair products designed for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in both men and women. A solution of this material consists of a vasodilator, which, when applied externally stimulates the growth of hair on the head of men and women suffering from male pattern alopecia. Minoxidil reviews in practice has been very positive. In clinical trials proved that the drug was well regenerates hair growth slows down hair loss and in those cases where it starts at the top of male or along a central parting women. Beginning of the growth of new hairs observed after about 4-6 months of use of the drug. After the cessation of violence, the growth of new hairs again suspended and after a while we should expect a return to its previous state. The drug minoxidil price usually depends on the company produces this substance, as well as its percentage in the solution.

Minoxidil Hair actively contributes to the stimulation of growth. Research from many research centers around the world to explore the possibility of solutions, shampoos and other cosmetics using minoxidil on thousands dobrovoltstsah showed their strong performance for the restoration of hair growth in cases where there is to be a genetic predisposition to baldness. The drug promotes the growth of new hairs and stops them from falling on the bald areas of the scalp.

The drug is designed to restore hair in men and women with frequent form of hair loss - the so-called hereditary type (genetic susceptibility to loss of head of hair on the head). That is when hair loss occurs in people related by blood. This type of baldness is often called adrogennoy alopecia (AGA), which is not mentioned many times on this site. Often, it is also called male-pattern baldness, although lately suffer from it are not men. Hair loss in this type starts from the top (for men) or along the central parting (for women).

Usually, thinning hair in hereditary type of hair loss is fairly slow and it becomes noticeable to others around only a few years after it began.

After applying minoxidil, the beginning of new hair growth after about 3-7 months of the drug (all people are different.) When new hair should continue to be two-times daily application of minoxidil on the head in order to increase their numbers and support growth.


Karam said...

Thanks for sharing. Minoxidil is a good medication for hair re growth but it only works if we use if regularly. Once it is stopped, then the hair loss begin again.

Harry Coel said...

Awesome post! about Minoxidil because it is the best treatment for hair regrowth and also maintain stimulation of growth. Thanks for sharing with us

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