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Type of baldness called androgenic alopecia

This type of baldness is often called androgenic alopecia or simply androgens. Usually this type of disease of the scalp exposed mainly men only. Rarely is a disease common in women. How is lysenie men? This type of hair loss is a slow thinning hair leading to baldness parietal and frontal regions.

There is a special Norwood scale that characterizes the degree of alopecia in men. For women, the scale was invented by Ludwig.

According to statistics, more than 95% of all cases of hair loss that occurs in the male-type population is the fault of androgenetic alopecia.

The causes of androgenetic alopecia

The causes of androgenetic alopecia not yet fully defined, but something that the doctors have to say definitely can. The fact that the blood of male sex hormone is testosterone, as well as have the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase The enzyme acts on testosterone, and the interaction of the first converted into its active form, called dihydrotestosterone, which is the originator and cause male pattern baldness.

Many of you probably think, and naively believe that it is man's testosterone is the culprit Garnier hair loss. No, this is not the case. The culprit and cause of hair loss in androgens is the active form of the interaction of testosterone and 5-alpha-reductase - dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Stages of androgenic alopecia

Now I will explain how the hair loss in this type of disease. The fact is that every hair on our head, there are three phases of development. HDT, Kathog, telogen. What does this mean? First comes the phase of active growth, then the rest, and at the end of the hair loss. So under the influence of DHT phase of active growth very rapidly and shortens the hair very quickly moves into the phase of rejection.

What happens to the hair when androgens? Hair falls out, his place will grow a new one, but shorter and thinner, he falls again, in its place there is even shorter and even thinner and it happens as long as the hair follicle is not atrophy.

I'm sure many of you may have noticed that before the bald spot on the head is formed, first on the site appear more bright, thin and sparse hair, then they are getting thinner and less. Eventually formed baldness (high temple). This is exactly the case.

Fight with androgenetic alopecia

Fighting androgenic alopecia - occupation is very long and complicated. What are the treatments currently exist? It is important to understand first of all that andogeniya - a condition is not a disease. Its cure is not possible. You can not just go and make the body once and for all stop producing DHT . But you can reduce its production at a time, with the intake of various drugs, as well as reduce the sensitivity to DHT hair. They start to rise again. It is important to understand here that such a state would have to maintain throughout life, or until you get tired and you do not dare to shave bald.

Androgenic alopecia treatment

Androgenic alopecia involves long-term treatment, which is carried out at times life-long. Today, one of the most effective drugs are used to stimulate hair growth in androgenic alopecia, is considered to be Minoxidil , this medication is available under the trademarks "Regaine", "Rogaine", "Headway". Minoxidil is probably the only one of its kind drug that is active against the hair follicles, thereby prolonging the active phase of hair growth. The other methods of direct action on the hair follicles of the scalp include electrical stimulation, massage and hypnotherapy.

Among the anti-androgens, there are many medicines that should not be taken without consulting a doctor. It aids used in the treatment of alopecia include drugs created from plant extracts and natural compounds with anti-androgen activity. These may be oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids, various fruit extracts of nettle and palmetto.

It should be noted that the need to be alert to the possibility that the treatment of androgenic alopecia is very long. The first positive results after the use of minoxidil, and various anti-androgens appear only after half a year. In this first initially observed slowing of hair loss, and only then can we expect a gradual recovery of density hair.

Precautions for androgenetic alopecia

In no case do not buy nor any of burdock oil, herbal concoctions, my grandmother's recipe, do not rub the head with all sorts of folk remedies do not understand your type of hair loss and without consulting with your doctor! Understand, herbs and other folk remedies never will be able to rid your body of DHT, it's pointless, besides, you only hurt yourself.

Many people mistakenly believe (I did this was) that massaging burdock oil will save your mane of hair loss. This is a myth! Not only that, if you still accompanied by androgyny and seborrhea of the head , as in my case, burdock only hurt your patient and his thinning hair. It clogs the already sick pores of the head, do not give oxygen to your hair follicles and contributes to its more accelerated loss.


Bobby Smith said...

I am not sure whether or not minoxidil can give permanent results. If you are much concerned about your hair and overall facial appearance, then you should better go for hair transplant surgery. Many people reach to this method when they have spent a lot on other available treatments that has not been worked!

Anonymous said...

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