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New trend - engagement ring with black diamond

black diamond engagement rings
Diamond ring - an integral part of the wedding party. And, give the diamonds and the engagement and the wedding. Why one of these rings cannot be with colored diamonds?

The answer: maybe. And yellow, and pink, and with a rare and very expensive purple and even black.

Of course, many will say that the black - not the color of the wedding. And I say - do not sweat it. For example, a wedding fashion guru Vera Wang at the last show of the season Fall-2012 presented a collection of black wedding dresses (the New York bridal fashion week). They say women customers in these dresses have been and continue to remain. I would, of course, the black wedding dress would not be solved, but that's about the black diamond’s thinking.
Developing the black trend in wedding fashion, jewelry houses began to offer its customers an engagement ring with black diamonds. Why did the designers believe that black diamond wedding accustomed in fashion?

Because black diamond engagement rings is beautiful. Black diamond sparkles, no less than the usual white. And some believe that it is even brighter than white, because that contrasts with the color of the frame.

Because black diamond engagement rings is unique. If you want to stand out, do not fear too much attention to yourself - choose a ring with a black diamond. Your ring will be different from all the rings of your relatives, colleagues and friends.

Because black diamond engagement rings is not so expensive. Turns, black diamond cheaper than whites. Many people think that the opposite. Probably similar to the black pearl, which white is more expensive. Black diamond of the same high quality as white and are thus a bit cheaper. Although, of course, it's expensive, because it is a diamond, precious stone! Previously, black diamond does not belong to the category of precious, and he then sold for $ 10 for a 1 carat. Now everything has changed. And with the advent of fashion for black diamond price is gradually growing, and soon will be equal to the price of white stones, so the experts say.

Because black diamond engagement rings choice is huge. Should not think that if the black diamond is not so popular with brides, the ring and the options with him in the store is not much. It is not. After seeing several collections, you will find several interesting variant. Designs with a black diamond rings as much as the white.

Because black diamond engagement rings will provide you. Know what sense of experiencing 100% of the girls who received an engagement ring? Of course, show all-all-all. Ring with black diamond will not be overlooked, and the hint is not necessary. Yes, and remember. Still, such a rarity!
Because celebrities also wear black diamond engagement rings. Yes, many celebrities wear wedding rings with black diamonds. In addition, these rings sometimes appear in a movie. For example, in the cult of "Sex and the City" Mr. Big proposes to Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), presenting a ring with a black diamond. And you want to follow the example of a style icon?
Because black diamond engagement rings is fashionable. Black diamond was not always in fashion, but now - at the peak. Experts say that while black diamond will last for several more years, so buy, late.

Because black diamond engagement rings is stylish. Black diamond combined with virtually all, with any outfit and any image. Whether it's a little pink dress, rocker outfit or business attire. But under the black wedding dress is to find a more radical makeup and fragrance, such extravagant scent of Lady Gaga Fame - the world's first fragrance Black.

Well, my fiancé hint that Best Friends girls - are black diamond?


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Sizzling LEO said...

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Jessica James said...

What a gorgeous ring! I recently got a diamond engagement rings uk from my boyfriend after he proposed in a very romantic place. Its not as big as this one, but its just as lovely. It was also a black diamond in a platinum setting. So love it!

Velvetcase Jewellery said...

WOW Amazing!!
I have never imagined this type of diamond engagement rings can be exist i.e All black diamond ring.
Its good to see this type of post, and it very very informative.

Sizzling LEO said...

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Allen Smith said...

I don’t prefer black diamonds myself but chocolate colored diamonds are so gorgeous! When I shop for engagement rings though I will look for a combination of black & champagne colored diamonds! But you're right, black diamonds are a rarity and when you shop for engagement rings with colored diamonds its so great to see these fancy diamonds!

brad martin said...

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aliah said...

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sharing thoughts said...

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Jack Walker said...


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micheal brown said...

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David jacson said...

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