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Male Pattern Baldness - Causes, Treatment, folk remedies, early baldness.

A human hair is constantly updated - some drop out, others grow - it's a natural process. Each day, 150 may fall hair. In men, hair loss is an age considered the norm, as to 50 years are fully preserved hair only every third man. But sometimes, even in young men disrupted the natural cycle of hair growth, and are beginning to appear receding hairline. Approximately 30% of men older than 20 years, early baldness.

Baldness in men. Causes of hair loss in men:

Baldness in men occurs for several reasons: a metabolic disorder, an unbalanced diet, vitamin deficiency, alcohol abuse, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, heredity, various infections, stress, physical stress, hormonal changes. When smoking is disturbed blood supply vessels of the head and as a result weaken and break down hair follicles.

The cause of hair loss may be improper care. Carefully select shampoo for your hair type, hair, preferably boiled water to wash or at least rinse after washing. In summer it is recommended to wear a hat, because Sun hair becomes dry and brittle, dried up scalp. In the cold season is sure to keep your head warm, but the cap should not be too tight and warm, so that the head does not sweat - it will adversely affect the growth of hair.

Early baldness in men: According to research scientists, if a man loses his hair at a young age, it can be a symptom of BPH. To prevent this disease, experts recommend that men be screened regularly by an urologist for prevention.

Male pattern baldness. Treatment:

How many causes of hair loss in men, and as many ways to treat it. Currently, there are all sorts of drugs, various techniques of hair transplantation, but should not be neglected and folk remedies to treat baldness in men. Traditional methods and tools are used to prevent hair loss and at the first sign of baldness, they contribute to the normalization of the natural process of hair growth.

Baldness in men. Folk remedies:

* When hair loss, dandruff and hair loss is useful to rub into the scalp tincture of birch leaves on alcohol or vodka for 1-2 months. After a break of one month, the course must be repeated.

* Works well with hair loss buckthorn. A decoction of the young shoots, leaves and fruits of sea buckthorn can be rubbed into the scalp and take internally.

* Black bread and pour boiling water to swell. Bread and rub the swollen infusion into the skin of the head, roll up a towel and hold for half an hour and rinse. Contributes to increased growth of hair.

* Infusion of the pods of red pepper: 3-4 pods insist in 0.5 liters of vodka for 3 weeks. Apply on the scalp with hair loss. Per procedure using 50 ml of tincture.

* The infusion of burdock roots: roots pour boiling water, cook on low heat for 10 minutes, to insist to cool. This infusion rinse hair 2 times a week after shampooing with hair loss.

* Onions grate, mix with honey and rub into the roots of the hair 2 times a month. Mask hold for 40 minutes, then wash head without shampoo.

* A mixture of eggs and a small amount of vodka rubbed into the scalp, leave for 30 minutes and rinse.

* The remedy for baldness in men: 0.5 liters of water, 0.5 liters of vinegar, 100g nettle leaves cook on low heat for 30 minutes, drain. Every day at night to rub into the roots of the hair for a week.

* Wash your head decoction of sage, tarragon, psyllium, lungwort: 1 cup herb mixture to 1 liter of boiling water, boil, add a little honey.

* Mask for baldness: Mix equal amounts of honey, aloe juice and garlic, add the egg yolk, apply on the scalp. Shook his head in a warm scarf for 20 minutes. Then wash and rinse your hair with chamomile extract, nettle, horsetail.

* Good folk remedy for baldness in men: wash your hair and within 10 minutes to rub table salt, then rinse. This procedure is done every day for a week.

* Take 300g noodle broth, onion juice 200g, 50g brandy and rub into the scalp with hair loss.

Excessive hair loss:

When excessive hair loss and baldness in men carried out for 3 weeks following procedures:

1. Massage the scalp with hair loss: The Making of a scalp massage from the neck to the forehead for 10 minutes - 2-3 times a week. Head massage can be carried out with your fingers, comb massager or a very slight twitch of hair strands. Massage is done with an average force to provide blood flow to problem areas.

2. Castor oil for baldness: Rub into the scalp with castor oil. Then, for 5 minutes to steam your hair and tie over the steam head with a towel for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with warm water. Do it - 2-3 times a week.

3. Vitamins for baldness: When hair loss in men need to take a daily ascorbic acid (vitamin C).


Vinita Solanki said...

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