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How to Quit Smoking - harm of smoking, ways to quit smoking prescription.

How to Quit Smoking - harm of smoking, ways to quit smoking prescription. -Doctors agree that there is a strong smoking addiction, as well as from drug addiction. And indeed, every smoker can name a number of pleasurable sensations of cigarettes - during mental stress, it helps to focus, relax, improve mood, etc. This is because nicotine is in seconds enters the brain, and neurons begin to show activity. But soon comes the decline - with the number of cigarettes smoked toxins lead to fatigue, reduced efficiency.

The harm of smoking:

On the dangers of smoking there are many. Each cigarette takes away from your life a few minutes. If a person smokes a pack a day and a half, the year he receives radiation exposure, which is equal to 300 X-ray examinations. In each puff a cigarette contains from 750 to 3000 for the body of harmful substances, polonium, bismuth, radioactive lead, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, phenol, hydrogen cyanide, chlorine, etc. Do not rely on the filter, as he can hold no more than 20% of harmful substances. All the rest - to the lungs, so the first thing affects the respiratory system. Of all patients with lung cancer smokers are 96-99%.

A man smoking a long time and in large quantities, any voltage airway may be accompanied by the release of blood. This is because the thinning of the lining of the nasopharynx, trachea, bronchi, no longer protects the fragile capillaries, and they burst through coughing. Also, the cause of the blood may be a disease - emphysema, lung - a dangerous disease in smokers with the experience.
Every organ in the body is suffering from tobacco smoke.

Particular caution about the dangers of smoking for pregnant women! Smoking appear heavy toxicosis, miscarriage and premature birth. Smoking mother during pregnancy contributes to the appearance of the child's congenital diseases.

Smokers also need to think about other people who are forced to passive smokers. More than 50% of toxic substances released into the air, poisoning the family members, neighbors and other people nearby.

How to quit smoking? Ways to Quit Smoking:

First of all, to quit smoking, need a firm commitment and the will, or will not help neither the different ways or recommendation.

The first way to stop smoking:

The easiest, but the hard way - just quit. Need to get rid of all the stocks of cigarettes and let everyone know about your decision. At this time, create a peaceful environment. The easiest way to quit smoking during the holidays, then you can do what he likes, sports, fishing, working in the garden area.

All of these studies exclude nerve stress, and you do not need to "reassure" himself a cigarette. To facilitate the withdrawal from cigarettes try a few techniques - sucking hard candy, chew sunflower seeds, chewing gum.

After quitting the first time may have adverse effects. There comes a physiological "break-up" - discomfort in the throat, nausea, dizziness, problems with digestion. And every day will get worse. Because nicotine is connected to all processes in the body and it takes time, so it was reconstructed. At this time, it is difficult to concentrate on their studies or work. Appear as irritation, anxiety, and insomnia. Warn people so close that your character will go bad for a while, they'll understand. Recommended light sedation.

Auditory training for calm.

Be prepared for the fact that during the first months of smoking cessation can occur catarrhal diseases - bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis.

Sometimes during the smoking cessation people often begins and there are many, and adds weight. For this you need to follow and comply with diet. If there is a problem, increase the time of exercise. Every day, do morning exercises at least 20 minutes, get a quick walking.

But do not despair, all these unpleasant symptoms are temporary. Once the body is cleansed of breakdown products of nicotine, your health will return to normal. Weight gain occurs especially in the first 3 months after quitting, and for a year may gain about 5 lbs. Several reasons for this. The fact is that during smoking the metabolism, and after cessation takes time to he recovered. After quitting the person recovering the sense of smell and taste buds, so he is keenly aware of pleasant smells of food and plenty to eat. Try not to go past the kebab houses, cafes, where enticing aromas carried by food. And yet, even if you gain weight slightly, quit smoking, then it will not do your body more harm than smoking itself.

Vitamins Quit smoking: It is known that nicotine breaks down in the body of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). To make up for the lack of ascorbic acid after you quit smoking, prepare a mixture of: liquid honey mixed with shredded lemon and every morning, take 1 teaspoon. You can put it in tea, but not in hot, because useful properties when heated honey disappear.

The second way - GRADUALLY quit smoking. Begin it, about a week before the holiday, which, if possible, spend outdoors. On the first day of the discard stack 1 cigarette smoke for the rest of the day. Your body does not react to a slight reduction in daily allowance. The next day discard 2 cigarettes on day - 3 cigarettes, etc.

Recipe how to quit smoking:

Boil 1 tbsp. spoon of eucalyptus leaves 0.5 liters of boiling water, one hour drain and add a tablespoon of honey, 1 tbsp. spoon of glycerin. Take 7 times a day, a quarter cup. The course of treatment - 30 days.

Remember that psychological nicotine dependence can manifest abrupt onset of the desire to smoke a cigarette. After her breakdown is inevitable and again a week later you go out on their regular dose. Do not give up! Do not let cigarettes beat yourself!

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