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Shaven temple - male hairstyle autumn 2013

 Shaven temple - male hairstyle autumn 2013

The task of your hairdresser is simple: to shave the hair on the sides of the head and leaving long strands on top. Plus hairstyles such that it fits all types of hair, and it can be installed in various ways. If you have curly or wavy hair, cut them a little shorter. But you can safely grow straight up the middle length. Some even do not hesitate to tie them later in the tail. Coarse hair easy to style, so you can easily put them up on end, like Elvis.

For curly hair

1. Before the installation you need to make your curly head of hair more docile and compliant. To do this, wash your hair with shampoo and be sure to use hair conditioner - so you ease yourself combing curls and pacified.

2. Dry the wet hair with a towel and then apply a drop of the size of apricot mousse. If enough of your head of hair, just spray a special spray to separate the curls.

3. Now begin to blow-dry. Switch it on the regime of cold air, or your curls will turn into something like a sponge. Apply a little more mousse on dry hair and try a little ruffle them to hair turned slightly sloppy.

4. The main rule is neat and beautiful curls: Comb the hair with your fingers only, and best of all they do not comb - so you keep a curl.
For wavy hair

1. Wash your head and dry your hair with a towel. Rub your hands in a little bit of foam for packing and applied to the ends of the strands. As is the case with curls, try not to comb wavy hair.

2. Now begin to dry his hair dryer, whipping strands with your fingers. For a more casual and luxurious styling try to lift the hair at the roots with a comb.

3. When dry hair, apply a bit of gel or foam for packing and ruffled his hair with his hands.

For straight hair

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and be sure to use hair conditioner to strands did not stick out in different directions and not electrified.

2. Apply some styling mousse as close as possible to the roots of the hair to give it volume.

3. Now begin to blow-dry, lifting them from the roots and combing back.

4. Put on a ridge a little gel or foam for hair strands and gently zacheshite ago.

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