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4 step to remortgage your house

Remortgage your current mortgage can provide a lower monthly payment or the use of capital in your home. Remortgaging your home is a term that reflects the process of refinancing. Benefits of Remortgage may vary depending on individual goals, but you can have options to combine multiple accounts and credit cards when receiving a lower interest rate on the mortgage. Used wisely, Remortgage can offer various methods to improve your finances, such as the choice in favor of a 15-year loan to pay off your current loan ahead of schedule.

How to remortgage your house


  1. Call your mortgage company or visit Web sites, such as wood and loans Quicken Loans to research programs for remortgaging your home (see Resources). Compare rates from several mortgage lenders and banks in your area.
  2. Apply for a loan remortgage your home. Issuing a permit for a mortgage lender to access your credit report by filling out the disclosure forms online. Provide a copy of the parameters, for example, the last two pay stubs, tax returns and bank statements to verify the information displayed on your loan application.
  3. Review lender provided options for which you are eligible. Choose a program that provides the conditions and benefits you are looking for from a remortgage deal.
  4. Meet with the name of a lawyer to sign the loan documents for remortgaging your home. Ask the lawyer to explain the points that need clarification before approving each form.

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