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Baldness in men - we need a hair transplant surgery

Of course, the premise may be different, but statistics show that 96% of men lose their hair due to genetic fault - androgenetic alopecia.
With this disease, hair follicles undergo aggressive attack Gomonov male (testosterone - gidrotestosteron), and, as a consequence, the loss of hair.
In such a situation, medical intervention is almost useless. It can only slow down the process of hair loss. But to restore the damaged bulb and stop hair loss in men they can not afford.
It should be noted that women exposed to a disease in a much lesser degree.

Baldness in men - Surgical treatments

Today, medicine offers several methods of hair transplantation for balding men.

• plastic way removes problem areas.
• Patchwork plastic.
• You are a scalp reduction.
• transplanted artificial hairs.
• Introduce subcutaneous expanders.
• transplants (transplanted) own hair.

Each of these options is chosen specialist to each man individually after sitting some analyzes.
Modern technologies allow to accurately determine the cause of hair loss and find appropriate treatment.

Baldness in men - Suitable for transplant

This operation is very effective for male pattern baldness type, but the doctor, taking a decision will take into account a lot of factors. These include:
- Age;
- Texture and color of hair;
- Human race;
- Balding skin elasticity.

Baldness in men - Mining machinery bulbs

Usually transplants are used for natural hair and follicles from the back of the head, although there may be exceptions. Surgeons extract them in two ways:
• Quilt (strip) method.
Carved from a piece of leather and sewn on the problem areas. The operation lasts 6-8 hours.
• Seamless.
Roots (follicles) are extracted individually and applied to the desired area.
What is the secret of

The first transplants were performed in 1822, and their performance was low.
Today, this method is most effective. First hairs please you in a few months.
The main advantage of such a transplant is to preserve the direction of the angle of hair growth. This means that the transplanted hair will look natural and harmonious color.
Follicles are not subject to rejection and are able to serve until the end of human life.

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Karam said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. Baldness is really a problem for men. It really effects their personality and moreover it is due to some reasons and that must be known to make it cure.

Male Pattern Baldness

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