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An Option For Men Who Lack Hair - Beard Transplants

Good news for every Men Who Lack Hair / clean-shaven, wannabe hipster out there! If you dream of a long bushy beard, but instead shave off what little bum-fluff you can grow, all for fear of being mocked by your hipster friends, the answer is here. 

As long as you don’t mind having the hair from the back of your head painfully removed, and then jabbed – via small incisions – into the skin on the front of your face. No biggie.

beard transplant
Normal hair transplants – as in, on the top of your head – have been around for years, so in theory doing them on your face has always been an option, but it has only just become (worryingly) popular.

It more than likely has something to do with the whole beard/man-bun trend that’s happening right now. The ‘hipster’ look is definitely not easy to achieve if all you can grow is bum-fluff, so this transplant option is great news for those clean-shaven men who dream of dangling a bauble in a bushy beard. Like this:

transplant beard
After being essentially planted into the face, the new beard hairs begin growing quickly, so a man can expect to begin shaving within two weeks. Unless, of course, he’s a hipster, in which case he’ll probably never shave again…

transplant beard 2


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