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Comparison technique follicular isolation with other methods of hair transplantation

In the recent past, had a reputation as a hair transplant unpleasant and painful procedure . Men with incipient baldness rather prefer wearing unnatural looking wigs than agree to hair transplant surgery , after which necessarily followed a long process of healing the pain and horrible scars .

Area hair transplant slowed its progress in the late twentieth century and almost stopped its development. Surgeons realized that technology and surgical hair restoration methods to be further developed .
The situation began to change incredibly fast in the early twenty -first century ...

A new technique that surgeons expect for many years was finally perfected through thousands of unsuccessful operations and receiving hundreds of ugly scars. Society physicians who embraced the new hair transplantation technique extraction isolated follicular units ( TFI , seamless hair transplant ) with enthusiasm. Surgeons around the world and discussed this modern method , which detected more advantages.

But that of itself is still the method of extraction of individual follicular connection? And is it really a newfangled method is most effective than older methods of hair transplantation ?

Extraction of the isolated compound is a follicular small follicular selection group ( typically one to four) from a donor , followed by moving to the recipient. Such microscopic grafts enable evenly transplanted hair in balding areas on the scalp and get the most natural result. In fact, the transplanted hair so it would be impossible to distinguish from the real thing after the healing process. This characteristic will be invalid for any of the old ways of hair transplantation .

Discussion of the difference between the TFI and any other old method transplant deserves special discussion.

First of all, the procedure of TFI is faster and less painful than any other . TFI involves use of special scalpel - " punches " through which the skin is cut surrounding the follicle . Each time the doctor selects the graft , which comprises one, two, three or four of the donor region from follicle . Using first-class instruments and based on our own experience , the doctor identifies each graft with a minimum of surrounding tissue , but with the utmost care not to damage the follicles .

The extracted follicles , which are called " grafts " and will be moved into the small holes made ​​by a physician in problem areas - "area of the recipient ." These cuts are not stapled , heal quickly and become completely invisible after a new hair begins to grow after about seven - ten days.

The next item in favor of TFI says that the reduction process and the healing period after the procedure proceeds much faster and with less pain. In most cases, the grafts are fully acclimatized for eight days after surgery, and the wound in the donor area heals within one - two weeks. Some discomfort occurs , but quickly eliminated by conventional analgesics. Typically , patients returned to normal life after the second week. Speaking about other methods of hair transplantation , we can confidently say that they are more painful, associated with greater blood loss , mean long recovery process .

Another important point - 100 percent of all suffering from baldness are candidates for the procedure TFI. In the past, not every person who wants to restore lost hair could consider yourself a suitable candidate . There were a number of criteria by which the doctor sorted everyone : the patient's age , color and hair texture , skin complexion , the amount of hair in the donor area , and so on . Now , the method is called follicular unit extraction isolated allows not to think about these criteria. For example, there is a minimum of donor material on the head is not a big problem. The procedure can be used for transplanting hair from other parts of the body .

Various complications associated with the procedure over TFI reduced to a minimum , again if you compare with other methods of hair transplantation . In published studies, Dr. Masumi Inaba , to learn about more than 150 patients who were treated by TFI , information was provided that patients feel only a slight discomfort from prolonged sitting in a chair during the operation. Four hundred and fifty of the study noted " shock effect " in the donor ( minimum loss of hair from the donor after the surgery ) . But despite this , all patients fully recover losses over the next five weeks.

In conclusion , we note that patients do not have the TFI no noticeable scars in the donor or in the recipient. Comparing with the method of isolation strip , after which remains unattractive linear scar procedure TFI leaves ugly scars on his head. Instead, microscopic incisions are covered completely new hair . The final result of the procedure TFI each patient will naturally healthy head of hair .

All those who are suffering from hair loss and looking for the best way to restore them , think about the above and prefer extraction isolated follicular units ( TFI ) by any other methods. This method eliminates the possibility of a linear scar and has no criteria for the selection of candidates . This procedure is widely distributed and will soon be the only way to treat baldness .


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