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Owl Tattoo Design

Owl Design Tattoos
Owl at many people is a dark and ominous bird. Their ability to fly silently, publish eerie sounds and inexplicably moving head 270 °, has for centuries evoked associations with witchcraft, evil spirits and evil.

People were afraid of the bird scaring their luminous eyes, did not understand their nocturnal, and considered it a product of the Devil, a manifestation of black magic.

Owl Tattoo Design : mean

In Christianity, the owl also symbolizes evil, witchcraft, lack of faith and spiritual blindness.

In Egypt, the owls considered intermediaries between the living and the world of the dead.

In Africa, Japan, India, Mexico, the same negative attitude to owls.

But the American Indians, however, adored owls. Their images and feathers are often used as amulets. Owl considered the personification of Great Wisdom.

In Greek and Roman mythology, the owl has been an essential companion of the goddess of learning and wisdom, Athena. Because of the beautiful to see in the dark, the bird given the role of visionary. Owl images often are found on the coins.

In the current context, the owl, often symbolizes intelligence, erudition, thoughtfulness, wisdom, night life, a conscious preference for solitude.

Negativity surrounding the image of the bird went down in history and often do not remember. Therefore owl tattoo design can carry a dual symbolism, depending on the manner in which the context in which the tattoo done, and what is very important - as the owner of a tattoo he applies to it.

Despite its complex symbolism, owl tattoo design  is very popular among men and women.

Design Owl Tattoo

Design Owl Tattoos

Designs Owl Tattoo

Owl Design Tattoo

Owl Designs Tattoo

Owl Tattoo Design

Owl Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Design Owl

Tattoo Designs Owl

Tattoo Owl  Design

Tattoo Owl Designs

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