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Mystery of men's souls

Mystery of men's souls
Every man was once a boy. And every little boy dreams of becoming a hero, defeats the villains and save the beautiful princess and marries her. What happens to those dreams when he grows up?
Adult male must meet the requirements of society, to be responsible, sensitive, disciplined, loyal, dutiful, etc. Many of these features are fine. But, as we know, good intentions pave the road to hell.

No, men want something different. They need a deep understanding of the reasons for their desire for adventure, struggle and beauty, understanding why God made it so. They need a deep understanding of why women want to fight for them, why women tend to share the adventure.

"This man - this is not criticism, and not those who point out errors or strong reasons of how the characters could have been more heroic. The honor goes to the men on the field of battle, their faces covered with dust and sweat, covered in blood, they fought valiantly ... they know the boundless enthusiasm and dedication, and they do worthwhile, at best, in the end the way they receive the laurels of the winner and, at worst, venturing a risky move, fail, but they never appear in the same company with those cold and timid souls who have never known neither victory nor defeat. “Theodore Roosevelt

Eve was made of luxurious beauty of Eden. Adam as you remember was created outside of the garden, in the wild. In the second chapter of Genesis - the historical document describing the origin of man - clearly states that man was created in the wild as part of wildlife. And then he was placed in the Garden of Eden. Perhaps ever since the boys never feel out of place, being in the room and men do not leave the insatiable desire for new knowledge. Men tend to go back to basics, it is in these moments of their life becomes complete.

In 1260, Marco Polo went in search of China. Hannibal made his famous crossing of the Alps. Scott and Amundsen desperately wanted to the South Pole, Peary and Cook - to the North. Magellan sailed just to the west, around South America, despite a warning that he and his team die on the edge of the earth, and Huckleberry Finn, ignoring these warnings, he went down the Mississippi. The desire for adventure, with its attendant dangers and thrill inherent in the soul of every man. Man's heart tends to where there is nothing artificial, simulated, low-fat, button closure, licensing, working in online, and heated in the microwave. Where there is no deadline date of the report, mobile phone or meetings.

Whatever you were looking for all these researchers, above all, they were looking for us. At the heart of every man there are some basic questions that simply can not be answered, sitting at the kitchen table. Who am I? Why have I created? What is my purpose? Fear keeps a man at home, where everything is clear; all things are in place and are under his control. But the answers to the deeper questions men do not find a television screen or a shelf of the refrigerator. The modern way of life, harms male psyche.

Lifestyle of modern men leads to the fact that they are less and less heed to his heart. Business world, where most people live and die, requires men to be rational and punctual. Policies and systems of corporations designed with one purpose - to harness a man to work and make it profitable. Soul craves passion, freedom, and life. Men need to feel the rhythms of the earth; it must be kept in the hands of something tangible - tiller boat, reins, or just a rough rope shovel. Can a man live his life, keeping your nails clean and neat? Is this dream of every boy?

Society as a whole can not decide what to do with men. Having spent the last thirty years trying to make men more cautious, sensitive, easy to manage and even feminine, it now berates them for what they have lost their manhood. The boys are incorrigible, we sigh. As if a man is truly an adult, he loses his passion for travel, his wildness and forever settles home. "Where are the real men?" Is the fundamental question of the day? Today we are witnessing a blurring of the boundaries between the sexes, which the world has never seen. How can a man feel like a man, if his main goal in life - to watch their manners?

Robert Bly, in one of his books, wrote: "Some women want a passive man, if they need him at all, churches need a docile man - this will be a clergyman, higher education institutions need a" tamed, home "man - this will be credited to the state, corporations need ... limited, clean-shaven, is a healthy man. "

All these demands that society places on the man, you can call the advent of modern lifestyle on male soul.

Christopher Fry: "Life is full of hypocrisy, if I can not live the way I want!"

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