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Hair removal for men

Hair removal for men is different. First, men's hair is different from women's structure. Therefore resort to hair removal procedure they need more often than women.

Hair removal for men is mainly designed for the removal of excess hair in the neck, back, chest and shoulders.

The highest results showed male hair removal using the method of hair removal with hot wax.

Indications and contraindications hair removal for men

Before you set the date for hair removal for men, you have to consult a specialist for the presence of contraindications to the procedure.

Indications of hair removal for men :

  •     The presence of an excessive amount of hair on the neck, chest, arms, back and shoulders
  •     Manifestation of redness and irritation of the skin in the process of daily shaving

Contraindications hair removal for men:

  •     Diabetes mellitus
  •     Varicose veins in the area of hair removal for men
  •     Acute form of the disease herpes
  •     Cancer (cancer)
  •     Individual intolerance to the drugs used in hair removal

The main method of hair removal for men

There are several methods that are used for hair removal treatments for men:

  1. Waxing. The use of this type of hair removal for men can get rid of excess vegetation on the skin for a period of 1.5 to 3 weeks. At the expiration of this period, the procedure must be repeated.

    Procedure waxing (waxing) is pretty painful. Unisex waxing possible if the length of hair on the treated skin area does not exceed 5 mm above the surface.

    Before starting waxing your skin, apply moisturizing and softening lubricated tool that is used to reduce pain symptoms during the procedure.   

    Then applied to the skin, softened strip wax, which after cooling will transformed into a viscous mass. This composition is removed from the surface of the skin with a thick strip of paper, which is attached to the wax cooled and removed sharp jerk against the hair growth.

    In this case, together with the wax removed and unwanted hair from the skin.   

    After waxing for men has been completed, the surface of the skin to apply a soothing gels that neutralizes the pain and relieves redness of the skin, which occurs during the procedure.
  2. Enzymatic removal. This type of hair removal is used in cases where it is impossible, or the use of laser hair removal. The principle of the enzyme hair removal for men is based on the application to the surface of the skin of wealthy special enzymes.  Because of its properties, enzymatic drug penetrates deep into the skin and blocks the absorption of follicle cells needed for hair proteins.

    The result of enzyme hair removal for men is a significant slowing of the rate of growth of hair in the treated area.   Use of male hair removal enzyme in complex with waxing. For maximum effect, are an 8-10 sessions, with an interval of 4-6 weeks between sessions of hair removal. 

    The main application of male hair removal enzyme found in the hair removal procedure in the chest, back and nose.
  3. Laser hair removal is the category of benign and painless procedure used for facial hair removal (shaving alternative).   The procedure of laser hair removal for men involves the selective removal of hair.
    The laser beam is applied only to follicular unit hair, while not touching the neighboring cells, which reduces the side effects to a minimum.   Hair removal for men with a laser beam based on the heat of the hair bulb light energy, which is under the influence of the data collapses and creates a kind of spikes that prevent the further growth of the hair.   
    The number of procedures that are necessary for the complete removal of hair is between 4 and 6, depending on the individual person.
  4.  IPL for men based on the principle of the laser beam, with the difference that this procedure is carried out with the use of short light flashes, which are also heated follicular unit hair, and cause its destruction.
    The use of hair removal for men produces less effect than laser hair removal. The procedure is painless hair removal. After completion of the skin, a slight redness, which is removed with special moisturizing gels?
    Apply photo-epilation for men can be on any parts of the body, including intimate.
    The result is a reduction in hair removal of hair growth by 75-90%

After hair removal for men the procedure

After the men's hair removal by any of the above methods has been completed, you should follow these recommendations:

  •  Do not sunbathe or visit a solarium within 2-3 days after the male hair removal
  •  Do not pull out the hair growing on the body in between treatments. Should remove them using depilatory cream
  •  Applied to the treated area of skin cream that has sunscreen effect within two weeks after the procedure

The end result of hair removal for men is a sharp reduction in the growth of unwanted hair in the treated areas of the body.

Combination with other hair removal for men procedures

During the men's hair removal is recommended to combine multiple methods (wax, laser, IPL) for rapid and maximum effect.

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