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The Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet, as well as Mediterranean cuisine - the perfect example of a balanced and varied diet. With the Mediterranean diet you limit the consumption of olive oil, honey and starchy foods and start losing weight. In addition, the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and the level of cholesterol. Mediterranean type of diet, compared with the U.S., reduces by one-third the risk of heart disease and cancer by a quarter!

The principles of  "Mediterranean diet"

1 slice of fresh bread or cereals - for breakfast, cooked or raw vegetables - for lunch and dinner. Instead of refined foods - whole pasta and rice. Raw vegetables, combined with ready. For example, a fresh salad and soup.

2 friends with garlic, bulb onions, aromatic herbs. Pelen not only slows down aging, but also prevents the risk of cancer.

3 Fish - at least four times a week. For losing weight - white halibut, fresh or smoked salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines and trout.

4 Lean meats - from two to five times a week. One serving should not exceed 100 g

5 Red meat - from one to three times a week to replenish supplies of iron in the body. Steak and roast beef steak is always better, which is much fatter.

6 from 2 to 4 eggs a week.

7 Dairy products - an indispensable option of your menu. Discard the whole milk, dairy desserts and cheese in favor of natural yogurt and yogurt. Daily rate - two yogurts and a piece of cheese.

8 Fruit - three servings a day.

9 wine - one glass with each meal. Women will have to limit their self to two glasses a day.

Mediterranean diet: example menu.

Breakfast: some fruit, some fresh bread and fruit juice or water.
Lunch: salad with tuna, anchovies and olives, drizzled with olive oil, a few glasses of water.
Lunch: large sweet peppers stuffed with rice, ground meat, tomatoes and herbs, drizzled with olive oil and baked. Salad and fresh bread. You can drink a glass of red wine.

Pluses of the Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet allows you to choose from a varied and healthy meals.
All restaurants have a choice of Mediterranean cuisine;
Mediterranean diet is good for your health: to reduce the level of pressure and blood cholesterol.
Diet helps to develop healthy eating habits that will forever eliminate the dropped pounds.

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